Dance Styles



Dance Styles



Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Kindy & Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1-8 & Vocational Study, Adult Open The Royal Academy of Dance is the largest education and examination body of Classical Ballet in the world. Taught in over 85 countries its qualifications and standards are high and qualifications world recognised. The syllabus is designed to carefully develop the student from primary to professional level and is assessed each year by external RAD examiners. The syllabus also incorporates national and contemporary dance giving the student an all round vocabulary of traditional and modern styles Classical Ballet, Mime, Character.  

Clothing: please refer to uniform page. 


As in most forms of dance, technique is the foundation for all modern jazz and tap dance movements and adds versatility and breath to dance students education. In particular, jazz dancers benefit from a sound working knowledge of ballet technique. Also known as modern or jazz ballet, it’s performed in musicals, commercials and music videos. The performance style of jazz dance was popularized to a large extent by Bob Fosse's work for Broadway such as Chicago and Cabaret. Modern jazz dance continues to be a dominant element of musical theatre and competitive dance. Our Jazz program is offered to students of 4 years to Adult.

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. Broadway tap focuses on the dance, and is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Choreography typically starts on the eighth or first beat count. Another aspect of tap dancing is improvisation. This can either be done with music and follow the beats provided or without musical accompaniment, also known as acappella dancing. Our Tap program is offered to students of 5 years to Adult. 

Clothing: please refer to uniform page.


Contemporary is a very interpretive style of dance and is considered unconventional because it shifted away from classical ballet and lyrical dance forms. Unlike classical ballet, contemporary dance does not have fixed movements, instead it is a search for new forms and dynamics. It focuses on oppositional movement, alignment, raw emotion, and systematic breathing. A creative and innovative style it allows the dancer to explore the natural use of gravity, working with body weight in terms of fall, rebound, recovery and suspension. This genre requires strength and expression and is encouraged and offered to CDS and non CDS dancers at intermediate and senior level. 

Clothing: Dance wear with canvas/leather ballet shoes, toe thongs or bare feet. 


The most famous of all urban dance styles, HIP-HOP, refers to dance styles primarily performed to music that has evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping which were made popular by dance crews in the US. A typical class will include learning technique that teaches dancers to move different parts of their body separately and at the conclusion, a short routine is performed using distinctive choreography to the music chosen for that set. 

Clothing: Running/Street shoes and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.


Reggaeton Dancehall has evolved under the influence of the distinctive street dance movements of South American and Jamaican hip hop culture. A fusion of Reggaeton, Dancehall and Latin America dance styles (such as salsa and samba), the dance style is synonymous with its music, which has been made popular by artists including Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Pitbull. With an emphasis on rhythm, dancers are able to move, pop, shake and wind with freedom and sexy latino flair.

Clothing: Running/Street shoes and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.


Also know as Floor Barre, this non-impact class uses stretch & strengthen techniques suited for all dance styles that will assist dancers to develop & strengthen core muscles while at the same time develop, maintain & improve flexibility. This class is suitable for students of any level from beginners to professional dancers. It is also ideal for former dance students/adults who want to maintain suppleness and grace.

Clothing: Dance wear with canvas/leather ballet shoes, socks or bare feet.


Adult Fitness, Zumba and Open Classical classes are open to all and enquiries are welcomed. 

Clothing: Running shoes and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Dance wear, ballet shoes.