The Clifton Dance Studio was established in 1980 and is dedicated to instilling a love of dance in all students. The Clifton Dance Studio junior school introduces preschool and early primary year children to Classical Ballet, Jazz & Tap and Mime. Emphasis is placed on nurturing a love and enjoyment of dance, whilst introducing and developing musicality, coordination, correct posture and confidence.

CLASSICAL KINDER PLAY A creative, imaginative and gentle entree to the fundamentals of dance.

PRE PRIMARY & PRIMARY Building the foundations of classical ballet. Small structured classes with attention to placement, posture and musical expression. Classical, free movement and character dance is studied. RAD exams commence at Primary level and are held in the familiar and friendly atmosphere of the studio.

JAZZ (from 4 years) Exciting and energetic modern dance. Its fun and explores different body dynamics and spatial awareness.

TAP (from 5 years) Rhythmical dance style which involves the use of small metal plates attached underneath shoes to create various sounds whilst dancing steps to varying rhythms and timing.


At Intermediate level ballet training builds strength and develops dance quality as students ability and interest grows. Classes are small and structured with attention to detail and an emphasis on nurturing individual style. Exam preparation (from Primary onwards) requires two classical classes a week and the full syllabus covers a Jazz & Tap class to give a rounded dance education. Dance expands and evolves at this level and there are many opportunities for extended dance experiences including individual and group coaching for competitions and scholarships - in all dance styles.

CONTEMPORARY This genre requires strength and expression and is encouraged and offered to CDS and non CDS dancers at intermediate and senior level.


The Clifton Dance Studio is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and providing the technical and artistic grounding which may be developed to a professional level. The senior school encourages vocational and recreational students to complete their RAD training in graded/vocational exams and to take part in performance opportunities offered through their jazz, tap and contemporary training. Master classes and guest teachers are a feature of our senior school. Students may pursue preparation for scholarships and Eisteddfod - coaching which includes choreography and preparation for solo variations. 


End of Year Performance is an integral part of the CDS dance syllabus with all students taking part. A highlight of the year, the concert showcases the years work and development while teaching students valuable stage and performance skills.